About Everything For Christians.com

A unique on-line community founded by Christians on principles you can trust! We encourage Christians and Christian businesses to: Socialise together, Worship together, Minister together, Have fun together, Do Business together - We bring EVERYONE together!

Who is Everything For Christians.com For?          
All Christians - All Ages - We are Non-Denominational and welcome Christians from all churches and all branches of the Christian faith.
Churches – to help spread the word to new worshippers, to raise awareness of your church and promote special events. 
Businesses & Tradespeople – to market your company as a Christian business or trade to Christian clients, so we can all work together.
Individuals – to help you find everything you need to build and maintain a truly Christian life.
Charities & Mission Organisations – raise finance and market your organisation enabling you to find volunteers and sponsorship.
Everyone - All Ages  – that has something to sell or market to Christians. Want to have fun. Meet new people. Learn something new. Literally for Everyone and Everything!

We Should Encourage and Bless other Christians
We should take every opportunity to encourage and bless other Christians. Galations 6 v 10 NIV says "So when we can do good to everyone, let us do it. Let us make a special point of doing good to those who belong to the family of believers (this means Christians)"

Why did we set up Everything For Christians.com?

The owners have a real heart to Bring Christians TogetherAcross All The Denominations. There are plenty of resources already for a Christians Spiritual life, but nothing to help with the day to day, 'Practical Things of Life'. This website will change all that! You can find 'everything' on our site to help make your life easier and more fulfilled.

We believe that Christians would like to deal with other Christians wherever possible, from Christian business arrangements, sourcing Christian tradesmen and finding local Christian services, to social activities, Christian holidays and of course, worship.
We created the website to provide a comprehensive range of Christian resources to help you work together, do business together, worship together and have fun together in a common community of shared values and beliefs.
Under Discrimination Laws you can't advertise specifically for a Christian (unless only a Christian can fulfill a specific requirement) BUT, by the very nature of our site you can FIND Christians and Christian Adverts. The chances of fulfilling your Christian wishes is much higher with us as everyone has to state their Christian Status. We welcome of course anyone that is not a Christian, they just have to comply with our terms and conditions which ensure that their conduct or products are suitable for a Christian audience.
Who are Everything For Christians?

EverythingForChristians.com is a Christian owned and managed company that aims to help Christians to be more successful, more fulfilled and to do more business with each other.

We are a UK-based company and currently operate for UK Christians only. We expect to expand to other countries across the world later on to create a single, dependable source of Christian information across the globe. If you are interested in partnering with us to launch in other countries, we would be delighted to hear from you!
The company owners are now members of KCC - Kings Community Church Southampton >> in Hedge End, Southampton, under the leadership of Martyn Dunsford. However, they attended Renewal Christian Centre in Solihull >> for 35 years under the leadership of Dr David Carr until they moved to Southampton in April 2014. They are dedicated to the Christian faith.

Our Tithes and Offerings including Our Church or Charity Partnership Scheme - We Give You Money!

For information on how we tithe and how we give, including our partnership scheme.   

Our Christians In Need Charity
For information on our charity.    

Why Work With or Buy From and Sell To Christians?

A Christian by definition, should be honest! therefore, buying and selling with us should prove to be more beneficial because our users, sellers and buyers should behave as God expects them too! This means that they should describe themselves, their services or their items for sale honestly and accurately. If you find anyone that is not adhering to this principle, then please let us know and we will remove their advert profile.
Christians also Tithe and Give Gifts from their income or profits, so when Christians are blessed financially, they can GIVE MORE to God's work. The circle of blessing and the ability to do God's work only gets greater! Non Christians and Non Christian businesses, often keep the money for themselves.  more information >>

Do we really cover Everything?
Yes, as our name suggests, we created EverythingForChristians.com to help you find everything you need for good Christian fellowship in all areas of your life. This is more than just a Christian business directory, it’s a comprehensive guide to integrating your faith into every aspect of your life.
Take a look around our site and you find a huge range of Christian resources, including:

Business Listings   •   Small Traders   •   FREE to a Good Home   •   Practical Help   •   Christian Events (+ Buy Online)   •   Schools, Colleges and Universities   •   Charities and Mission Organisations   •   Homes For Sale or Rent  •   Rooms to Rent   •   Offices to Buy or Rent   •   Personal and Office Items For Sale   •   Christian Jobs   •   Gifts   •   Friends   •   Romance   •   Social Evenings   •   Jokes and Entertainment      Plus Many Other Categories
If you have unwanted items that you could bless others with, you can advertise them for FREE in our Free to a Good Home section.   
You can also Have Your Say on the Everything for Christians Forum where you can get help, both spiritual and practical.

Naturally, you can also find a wide range of local churches, Christian groups and ministries in your area, as well as details of Christian missions and outreach programs overseas and how you can join in or make a contribution.
We believe our website covers every aspect of Christian living, but if there’s anything we’ve missed out that you would like to see, just let us know. You can email suggestions to info@everythingforchristians.com.

We hope you enjoy using our site to bring your Christian faith into every aspect of your daily life.


Remember: No Other Christian Site Gives You '
Your Own WEB PAGE' within your Profile. It is 'Fully Customisable' and You can change it '24/7 at No Extra Cost'. You Will
Be Seen Online as soon as you have checked out or called us!

*Please Note: The law revolves around 'Caveat Emptor' Buyer Beware! Always check the authenticity of the seller and the item being sold before parting with any money or entering in to a contract. If, by any chance, you find anyone not adhering to our principles, then please let us know and we will remove their advert profile. Everything For Christians are not responsible for the authenticity of any seller or item being described or advertised on our site. Click here for our T&C's