Fabulous Opening Offers

Crazy Opening Offers - when they're gone, they're gone!

We want to  'Showcase Our Site and Uniqueness'  so now, you are  'Getting the Best'  For Free!

ALL profile adverts now include  'The Professional Template'  - Our Best Product at No Extra Cost!

Why are we doing this? - We Need To Populate Our Site Quickly! Naturally, we want to get our website up and running and full of Christian contacts as quickly as possible, so we have some amazing opening offers to get the ball rolling. 

We like to call a spade a spade, so we'll be honest and straight to the point! We know and understand that you are reluctant to buy your profiles or banners now, whilst the site is not too populated. But, DON'T WORRY, it soon will be! The site has cost us hundreds of thousands of £'s and we are promoting our site NON STOP now, so it will soon fill up, and of course, as soon as it does, we will be removing these crazy offers! 

We have made the offers SO ATTRACTIVE, we know you will want to take advantage of our situation TODAY! and remember, First In get Seen First because by default, we list profiles in the order they are bought, not alphabetically as most other sites do.


All profile adverts bought will get a FREE Banner advert for 1 month... Just enter the following code at checkout for your FREE BANNER:  my free banner

Professionally advertise your
Christian Organisation, Business or Trade for Just £25  a Year! (join our church and charity partnership scheme and it's FREE. more info >> )

Sell your Items and Products from Just 50p

Advertise your Event & What's On for Just £5 for 3 months

Advertise in Looking for Work for just £5 for 3 months.

Advertise your Job for just £20 for 3 months.

Special Side Page Banners are
Just £25 per month - unlimited views

The sooner you buy your banner, the bigger the banner and the bigger the saving! All banners are 
for unlimited views! - unlike most other sites! All banner sizes are the same price. These banners are the special adverts down the side of the pages and exclude the home page.


ARTWORK - Special Offer:

If you would 'LIKE US' to CREATE your profile adverts or banners, please see the following special prices. If you create your own adverts then these prices DO NOT APPLY.

Profile Advert Creation:-
Standard option: We will create your profile, which includes up to 3 images for just £25 plus vat.

Professional option:
 We will create your profile for you and make it really stand out. This includes adding 1 videos, 3 documents and up to 5 images. Price £35 plus vat.

Complete option: We will create your profile for you and make it really stand out. This includes adding 3 videos, 5 documents and up to 10 images. Price £60 plus vat.

Special Page Banner Advert Creation:-

Standard Package: This includes making a good but limited banner advert from your artwork and includes basic touching up and resizing of your image / Logo. Price £15 plus vat.

Professional Banner Artwork, which includes adding text, logo tidy-up, image retouching and 1 amendment.  Price £25 plus vat.

Complete Banner Artwork Package:
 We will create a banner that will really stand out and compliment your logo or company / organisations image. Price £60 plus vat.


REMEMBER - No other Christian site gives you your Own Web Page within your profile advert, this is really clever and cutting edge, it also makes us Unique! You can Customise it to Your Exact Preference and Change it 24/7 Free of Charge. Web design experience is not necessary because we provide you with all the tools and templates to QUICKLY and EASILY create professional looking profile and banner adverts in under 10 minutes! Just fill in the fields and upload your images, documents, create links, add videos and match your existing colours and styles. The possibilities are endless!