Banner Adverts - Everything You Need To Know

Banners are also 'Fully Customisable' and you can change them '24/7 at No Cost' You Will 
Be Seen Online as soon as you have checked out or called us!

What are Banner Adverts?  -  Banner Adverts appear in the Left and Right Columns
  they are high profile special adverts, highly visible and published in a prominent position. Some sites refer to banners as Hot Spots, but we call them banners. Our Banner Adverts appear in the left and right columns on each page.

We have 2 types of banners, specific page banners and category banners. Specific page banners appear on pages such as, home, about us, advertise with us etc. and Category banners appear in the categories, e.g. Looking for/employment, looking for/churches, Buy,Sell or Rent/Events etc. However, the banners look the same and are the same size. You just need to select in the price list the type of banner you want from the drop down choices.

Availability of Banners - How Do I Know Which Banner is Available and When? 

You will see on the Price List there is an, 'Available From' Column. This shows the next available period that the banner can be published from. PLEASE NOTE: This date does not apply to when it can be bought from, but when it will be published and shown live in the site from, e.g. the next available period that you can publish this banner for.

Effectively, you are buying now/today in order to guarantee/reserve your chosen banner for a future date when it can be published from, as shown by the date in the available from column.

The banners run concurrently for the period they have been bought for. What do we mean? Say your chosen banner says it is available from a date in 3 months time, so that you can guarantee, that you can have that banner, for the future date in 3 months time, you will NEED to BUY it NOW. This means that when the current published period of the banner runs out, in this example, in 3 months time, it will have automatically been allocated to you. If you buy the banner TODAY for a FUTURE period, as soon as you have checked out, the banner will be put automatically in to your account, ready for you to create and prepare it for publishing for the future date. As soon as the publication period you have bought the banner for begins, your banner will be shown automatically in the live site. 

If you wait until
the availability status says 'currently available',
you may never get the banner
, because
someone else has bought
the banner
for the future period you wanted.
The price list always shows you when the banner can be published from. Therefore, e
ven if the banner you wanted has been purchased and published for this month, you can STILL BUY IT IMMEDIATELY for the following available period, ensuring your banner can be seen in your chosen category or page as soon as possible. 

In most cases, when you see a banner that says 'This banner is available "Buy Now", it means that it is Available Immediately to Buy and Publish. If you see a banner that says " Awaiting Image" that means that someone has purchased the banner for the current period and they are in the process of creating and publishing it.

Banners are listed by their position on the page. Either, Left or Right Column and then by position down the page. IF you find gaps in banner position number in the price list, this is because we use some of the banners ourselves and these banners are not shown in the price list.

If you would like a Specific Banner from a Specific Date, please contact our sales department:

You Can Link from Your Banner to your Website or Profile in our site  

When you create and publish your banner, you are asked if you want to link it to another website or a page in our site. You can create a link so that if a user clicks your banner it goes where you want it to. This could be your own website or a profile advert you have on our site.
Benefits of linking from your banner:
Example 1: You buy a banner from us to highlight a special offer or your organisations details that you wish to promote. You also buy a professional profile advert to appear in the category of your choice. Because professional profiles allow you to have your own web page, you could create your web page to promote your organisation or product, create hyperlinks, add documents and images etc. So, when a user clicks your banner they are taken immediately to your profile advert. This is a very quick process as the user is directed to your profile within our site, so the page loads almost instantly. If the link points to another site, the page load process is obviously longer.
Example 2: To go one further from the above. You could buy a Ticket or Product Profile that enables you to sell tickets to your event or one of your products. So you create a banner to direct a user to your profile to enable them to BUY online via the ticketing or product management system that we give you. The whole process is very slick and professional.
Example 3: You buy a banner from us and you would like to direct any users that click on the banner to your own website or pages within your website that you would like your users to go to.
Example 4: This is how simple the Whole Process is: >  1. BUY Banner to advertise Christmas Event -Christmas Carol Concert 17 December >  2. Buy Ticket Profile to Sell Event Tickets >  3. Link Banner - Christmas Carol Concert to Buy Tickets Profile. Nothing is more professional or easier! you can manage the sales of your event using the sales management reports in your account!

What Sizes of Banners Are There?
You will see various options in the price list dependent on the size and duration of the banner. Each Specific Page and Category has it's own price for the various banners. Obviously, the most popular or visible pages attract higher prices.

The following are examples of the various sizes:-
  Size 50 =  170 x 50                                 Size 75 = 170 x 75                              Size 100 = 170 x 100
  Size 150 = 170 x 150                           Size 200 = 170 x 200                           Size 300 =  170 x 300
Buy Your Banner in the Category You Want To

Most of our competitors operate an advertising policy of 'Run of Site'. This means that they decide which page to put your advert on, not you! Your advert will appear on any page of their site. We don't agree with this! We believe that YOU should be able to decide where you want your banner advert to appear. With us, You Decide which page and which position your banner advert will appear on.

Want a Different Size Banner?
Not all pages feature all the sizes of the banners that we have. If you would like a different size banner for a specific page or category, let us know and we will create one for you. Please choose from the sizes shown further down this page.

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