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So much to chose from, we do our best to live up to our name by providing EVERYTHING you need, in a Christian context, from fellow Christians and Christian businesses. In this section, you can BUY, SELL RENT almost ANYTHING, safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with other Christians that you can trust to give you a fair and honest deal.

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Major Purchases, Everyday Living, General & Office Items - Can ALL Be Found Here! 


Take a look around the site and you’ll find links to help you make all of the purchases in your life, in an ethical and Christian way.

Events and Great Days Out - Never Be Bored Again! >> 

What’s On For Christians? There are so many ways to share the joys of Christian living outside of church, and in this section you’ll find details of a huge range of Christian Events and many other ways that the Christian church gets together. You can even Sell Tickets for your Event more information >>

Church Events     Conferences     Business Events     Charity Events     FUN & Social Days     Concerts     Exhibitions     Ministry Events     Evangelistic Events     Special Services & Ceremonies     Travel & Holiday Events     Recruitment Events     Festivals     Dating Events     The Choice is Amazing!

We all need a break sometimes, and in this section you’ll find a comprehensive selection of Christian holidays and Christian travel.

Whether you simply wish to book Christian holidays with a Christian travel company or agency to keep the business within the Christian community, or you want to book a Christian holiday in the company of other Christians, you’ll find the answer to all your Christian travel needs right here, including:

Christian travel companies and agents have a worldwide selection of Christian holidays to choose from, including villas, cruises, package holidays, fly drive breaks and honeymoons, as well as individual components of your Christian holidays such as flights, car hire and hotels.

You can find almost anything for sale in this section. The List is Endless!...
Home Appliances    Children's Items    Christian Items    Clothes, Shoes & Accessories    DIY & Tools    Business & Office Items    Computers    Dvd's & Films    Home & Garden Items    Furniture    Plus many more categories...
Don't forget to check out our Personal Gifts section where you will find gifts for a loved one or colleague.
If you can't find a specific item you want, why not create a Wanted Item profile in the wanted category and wait for the OFFERS to Roll In! go to the 'Items and Products Wanted - General category'


You can find almost anything for your business here. The List is Endless!...

Business & Office Items    Agriculture & Farming    Building Materials & Supplies    Christian Items    Electrical & Test Equipment    Hand Tools    MRO Maintenance, Repair, Operations    Industrial Tools    Printing & Graphic Arts    Retail & Shops    Plus many more categories...
Don't forget to check out our Corporate Gifts section where you will find gifts to promote your organisation or say thank you to a colleague.
If you can't find a specific item you want, why not create a Wanted Item profile in the wanted category and wait for the OFFERS to Roll In! go to the 'Office and Commercial Items and Products Wanted'

Ideas for Days Out     Great Coffee Shops     Restaurants & Eateries     All Ages

Be inspired by the variety of things to do or places to visit. 

If you find somewhere you could recommend, we would be grateful if you could send us an email and we will make contact with them, so everyone can benefit from your suggestion.

Special Offers and Exclusive Deals >>  'Everyone wants a deal!'  In this section you'll find a comprehensive selection of Special Offers and Discounts to Christian Individuals, Businesses, Churches, Charities and Ministries. There are lots of discount voucher sites around but none specifically for Christians! so if you have a special deal or discount for Christians, then this is the place to promote it.

Genuine Savings  What makes special offers on Christian businesses, products and services even better value is that you can be sure they are honest, genuine savings. Christians in business strive to be open, up-front and honest in all they do, so you can depend on the deals they offer to be a generous, Christian deal with no false promises or shady deals. * if you find anyone not adhering to this principle, please let us know and we will remove their profile advert.

Residential Properties:      Homes For Sale      Homes to Rent      Rooms to Rent      Houses to Share      Homes Wanted     Commercial Properties:     RENT      For Sale      Wanted        Offices      Shops      Warehouses


Books, Magazines, Newspapers & Authors - Take Time Out - Find a Good Book or Magazine to Read >>

Christian Books      Christian Magazines      Christian Newspapers      Christian Authors & Publishers

You will find lots of inspiring Christian books, magazines and newspapers for you to read. Maybe you're a budding author and need to find a publisher to publish your book or article. Whatever you need, you will find it here.

You will find lots of different types of Christian music in this section. Maybe you're a budding artist and need to find a record label or publisher. Maybe you're looking for a worship leader to put on a special concert or service. Maybe you're looking to learn a musical instrument or even learn to sing better! whatever you need, you will find it all here.

Christian Music CD's & DVD's      Christian Singers & Worship Leaders      Christian Artists     Christian Musicians      Music Tutors/Teachers



Why Buy or Rent/Hire a Vehicle from a Christian? - Because the vehicle should be as it's described. What better reason than that!

Vehicles For Sale, to Rent/Hire or Wanted - Our extensive Christian cars for sale UK section brings a great selection of quality used cars online, together with used vans and used motorbikes all together in one place. Not only does that make it so much simpler to buy used cars, it also gives you the confidence that whichever vehicle you choose, you’ll be dealing with a Christian selling a car, who will give you a fair and honest deal. And you will have the peace of mind that they will be describing the vehicle and it's features accurately*

Cars      Vans      Minibuses      Motorbikes & Scooters      HGV's      Coaches      Buses      Commercial Vehicles      ANY Vehicle can be sold with us

Buy used cars with confidence. Buying a used car is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, so it makes sense to choose from used cars for sale from fellow Christians. Our listing includes a huge range of local cars for sale, including second hand cars for sale from all the leading makes.

Don't forget to check out our 'Motoring Services' section for all other services you require for your vehicle, such as, insurance, breakdown cover, garages & repairs, accessories etc. Or if you would like some help, check out our 'Motoring Articles'

We have gone launch crazy! we understand we are in a recession and it is taking longer to sell things, especially vehicles, so ALL our profiles in this section are valid for 2 months. You can sell any vehicle for ONLY £10.00 This makes us £'s cheaper than Autotrader and anyone else we can think of! You can sell your car quicker with us as WE are selling Trust



Literally everything!

Of course, you don’t have to be making a major purchase to want to deal with fellow Christian businesses and Christian traders. You can find all kinds of products for Christians and gifts for Christians in this section, including special offers and even goods that are on offer free to a good home.


From office products to computers and gadgets, it’s all here and all offered by Christians for Christians to help the Christian community to help each other.

Have we missed anything? Would you like more categories?

To live up to our name, we’ve tried to cover as many areas as possible, but if there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t here, please let us know and we’ll see if we can introduce it for you as soon as possible. You can let us know by emailing us at Sales@EverythingForChristians.com    

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