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No Artwork Charges: You Can Create Your Own Adverts, using our easy online webpage editor - No web experience necessary

There are NO artwork charges if your create your own adverts. Most users prefer to create their own artwork using the on-line tools and editor that we provide. You can automatically upload your images and our system automatically resizes them to the exact size for your profile or banner. 

IF We Do The Artwork and Set Up Your Adverts: 

we can create your profile or banner and do all or some of the artwork for you. We can retouch images or create a bespoke advert to your exact preference and style. If you would like us to do all or some of your artwork, please click the link below for the full creation prices. You can buy these services in the usual way from the price list.

Special Launch Offer for Creating Profiles and Special Page Banners
Profile Advert Creation:-

Standard option: We will create your profile, which includes up to 3 images for just £25 plus vat.

Professional option: We will create your profile for you and make it really stand out. This includes adding 1 videos, 3 documents and up to 5 images. Price £35 plus vat.

Complete option:
We will create your profile for you and make it really stand out. This includes adding 3 videos, 5 documents and up to 10 images. Price £60 plus vat.

Special Page Banner Advert Creation:-

Standard Package: This includes making a good but limited banner advert from your artwork and includes basic touching up and resizing of your image / Logo. Price £15 plus vat.

Professional Banner Artwork, which includes adding text, logo tidy-up, image retouching and 1 amendment.  Price £25 plus vat.

Complete Banner Artwork Package: We will create a banner that will really stand out and compliment your logo or company / organisations image. 
Price £60 plus vat.

As soon as you have purchased your artwork, please email your artwork with a brief outline for your requirements to us at sales@everythingforchristians.com

If you have a specific requirement, 
please send us a brief outline of what you would like us to do:  Sales@EverythingForChristians.com