Church & Charity Partnership Scheme - Get a 10 % Tithe from us

We Give You Money!

Please Note: This is a tithe FROM US to you. There are no catches. All you have to do is help promote us.
As God tells us to do, Everything for Christians gives a minimum tithe of 10% of our profits to the church to work for the glory of God. We also give generous regular donations to our own charity Christians in Need.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Register your church or Charity with us and you will receive a 10% tithe for every one of your congregation or supporters who buys a profile from us, at no extra cost to them. It’s our way of encouraging church members and charity workers to work together to help their church or charity, as well as rewarding churches and charities who help spread the word about our new website.

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How Do I Register for the scheme?
1. Please register your Church or Charity in the normal way on our site. 

2. Send us an email requesting partnership to:

How the 10% tithe TO YOU works
When you register your church or charity with us, we’ll give you a promotional code to give to your church members or supporters. Any profiles bought using this code will automatically trigger a 10% tithe to your church or charity. It’s like cash back on any money spent with us, yet your members will pay no more for their profile than non members.
We’ll collect all the 10% tithes and pay them to your church or charity on a quarterly basis. So if everyone in your congregation or charity supports the site and helps us to build business within the Christian community, your church or charity could receive a considerable sum 4 times a year. For examples of how much you could receive please go to the FAQ's & Help section.  

Anyone can use the code

You should encourage all your members to pass it on to friends and family to ensure you get the maximum return.

What you need to do

All we ask in return for your 10% tithe is some promotion within your church or charity community.

• You place an advert for our website in your church or charity magazine or newsletter.
• You tell your congregation or supporters about us in your weekly notices or other announcements.
• You link to our website from your website.
• You send an email to your contact list advising about our site and your promotion code, so that you can maximise your tithe.

Please note: Some clients have misused our generosity and offers by getting a free profile and banners and doing nothing to help promote us. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove or make a charge at the published prices for the free profile given if no promotion is done. This does not relate to sales made by your supporters, as we know you have no control over that, just for a lack of help in promoting us. 

We even give you a free basic profile to get you started
We will give you a free basic profile to advertise your church or charity. You can then publish your promotional code on your profile so that your members or supporters can refer to it at any time. You can also upgrade your profile for £50 to a professional profile that gives you your own WEB PAGE within your profile. If you are a very pro active promoter and supporter of our site, we will upgrade you at no extra cost.

A voucher code for your free profile and a promotion code for your members and supporters to use will be emailed to you as soon as you register for partnership with us. We reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time and to check that you are promoting us as requested below.

We’ll supply everything you need
We give you everything you need to do this, including scripts for announcements, posters, ready made adverts and more, to help you spread the word. You can even download a brochure about our work from our website. Please click to go to FAQ's & Help: Sales Promotion Material for you to use

It’s so easy
Simply let your congregation and supporters know about us, then sit back and wait for those tithe contributions to roll in.

Why should you promote

 • helps your congregation to find Christian businesses and services quickly and easily
 • promotes business between Christians for everyone’s benefit, making Christians more successful and more fulfilled
 • Your church or Charity will receive 10% cash back as a tithe for every penny spent on site profiles by your congregation or supporters.

Tithe Re Payment Details
Payment will be made to your organisation, by the following schedule. Payments are due to you 1 month after the previous qualifying month/period.
We will send you a statement of how much is due back to you. You must then raise an invoice to us for the amount due back to you. IF you are VAT registered then you must add vat to the amount due. If you are not vat registered then you just invoice us without vat. The reason for this, is that HMRC (Inland Revenue) treat this as revenue to you and an expense to us. Payments are calculated on the net amount (ex vat).
For tithe amounts due to you of between £001.00 to £250.00 Payment will be made annually.
For tithe amounts due to you of between £251.00 to £500.00 Payment will be made every 6 months.
For tithe amounts due to you of between £501.00 to £750.00 Payment will be made every 3 months.
For tithe amounts due to you over £750.00 Payments will be made monthly.

Your congregation gets a great site, Christian business gets a boost and you get a handy cash tithe once a quarter.