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We bring Christians together ALL denominations, ALL ages Everything for the 'Practical Things in Life' whatever you are looking for..
whatever you want to buy or rent..
whatever you want to do or know..
You can find it all here

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We give you your own web page within your profile advert – NO OTHER Christian site gives you this! This is really clever and cutting edge, you can create and customise your profile advert to your EXACT preference. PROMOTE YOURSELF - YOUR WAY!  ©

Web design experience is not necessary as we provide you with all the things you need, just fill in the required fields and upload your images. You can also add; text, links, videos, documents, maps, plus much more, the possibilities with us are endless!

You can change your profile advert as many times as you like for free. With us, you are renting space on our site, not paying for a static advert that can’t be changed, unlike other sites!

Everything can be done online and you can create your own profile adverts, or, if you prefer, we can do it all for you. As soon as you have checked out or called us, your profile adverts will be waiting in your account, ready for you to create and publish. You will be seen online within minutes!

We are so different from ALL other Christian sites, please browse our site and you will see how different we are!

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As our name says, we do 'everything' that a Christian needs! This confuses many, because, we literally do cover everything! There are many sites catering for one's spiritual needs, but, UNTIL NOW none for the 'practical things in life'. NO OTHER Christian site covers, allows or DOES AS MUCH as we do!

Christians PREFER and LIKE to DEAL WITH other Christians wherever possible. We have made it VERY EASY for Christians to TELL OTHER CHRISTIANS about themselves, their organisation, their items & products, their business, trade and even raise money for their good cause or even find a husband or wife!

Other cultures and interest groups stick together, UNTIL NOW, this wasn't possible for Christians. Our unique site enables Christians to stick together, become more fulfilled, more successful and do better business with each other.

The MORE a Christian is BLESSED, the MORE they can bless and help OTHERS! The circle of blessing gets bigger with us.

We bring Christians together and promote Christianity in a hands on, very practical way!

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Because our site is SO BIG and covers 'Everything' we have categorised our site in THREE SECTIONS

Looking For ? section: Find people that usually PROVIDE a SERVICE or provide information, such as, tradespeople & small tradersbusinesses, jobs & people looking for work, churches, ministries, charities,  conference & event centres, people looking for sponsorship or help, computers & IT, financial, insurance and legal services...

Buy or Rent ? section: Find people that are usually SELLING or RENTING you something, such as, events & what's on, holidays - UK & abroad, general items & products, commercial & office items, cars & motoring, gifts, books, music, property - including somewhere to live, leisure & days out - coffee shops and eateries...

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As we have just opened for business, we want to 'Showcase Our Site and it's Uniqueness'

Therefore, for a very limited time, we are 'Giving you the Best' for Free! ALL profile adverts now include 'The Professional Template'  - Our Best Product at No Extra Cost!

We Need To Populate Our Site Quickly! Naturally, we want to get our website up and running and full of Christian contacts as quickly as possible, so we have some fabulous opening offers to get the ball rolling.

Advertise your organisation, business or trade for only £25 a year.

Sell items and products from just 50p

Advertise your event for just £5

Advertise yourself in the looking for work section for just £10 for 3 months or advertise a job vacancy for just £20 for 3 months.

Free to a Good Home - Give away your unwanted items to bless others for FREE

Page banners are just £25 a month for unlimited views (these appear down the left and right page margins).

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Do Christians know about you? - Even in your own church or local area?

Sound familiar? - How often do you hear?     “ I didn’t know that was on...“     Oh, I didn’t know you are a …”     “Oh, I didn’t know you did that…”     “Oh, I didn’t know you were local…”     “I didn’t know there was a ... there”          "If only I had known that before..."     "that's a shame, I could have..."     "I didn't know there was a good church there..."

Now they can! We make it EASY for Christians to FIND YOU or your service, your items and products or your event, plus much more! 
No other Christian site gives you 'your own WEB PAGE' within your profile advert. It is 'fully customisable' and you can change it '24/7 at no extra cost'. You will be seen online as soon as you have checked out or called us!