How To Advertise or Sell With Us - 3 Quick and Easy Steps

Promote Yourself - Your Way. No Other Christian Site Gives You '
Your Own WEB PAGE' within your Profile. It is 'Fully Customisable' and You can change it '24/7 at No Extra Cost'. You Will 
Be Seen Online as soon as you have checked out or called us!

1.  Register         

It's FREE and it only takes a few minutes, read more... >>     You can add users to manage your account... Account Demo >>

2.  Buy Online or Telephone us   
Your Own WEB PAGE within your profile | Free to Amend 24/7 | No Forms to send in

How Do I Buy a Profile or Banner? Everything can be done online or you can telephone us on 02380 016 465 to place your order. However, The EASIEST WAY is to click the 'Advertise Your ......' links from within each category section or page as this will take you straight to the prices for that category, then choose the profiles or banners you require by clicking the BUY button. This saves you completing the 3 drop down fields on the price list and remembering the correct category name. You can also Buy or get free profiles directly from the Price List >> 

How does it all work? as soon as you have checked out or called us, regardless of your payment method and because we Trust You to send payment to us, your profiles and banners will be available immediately and waiting for you to create and publish in your account. The whole process is automatic and instant. You can be seen live on our site within a few minutes of placing your order - there's no waiting around or forms to send in with us! You can pay by: Credit/Debit Card, Online Banking, Cheque or Cash. Payment must be made to us by the end of the next working day. More Information >>

3.  You Create & Publish Your Advert Profile or We Can Do It All For You - Web Design Experience Is Not Necessary

No other Christian site gives you your Own Web Page within your profile advert, this is really clever and cutting edge, it also makes us Unique! Promote Yourself - Your Way! You can Customise it to Your Exact Preference and Change it 24/7 Free of Charge. Web design experience is not necessary because we provide you with all the tools and templates to QUICKLY and EASILY create professional looking profile and banner adverts in under 10 minutes! Just fill in the fields and upload your images, create text, add documents, create links, add videos and match your existing colours and styles. The possibilities are endless! If you prefer, we can do it all for you for a small extra cost - for prices >> and to Buy these EXTRAS >>   FOR FAQ/Help Information on profiles >>

We need to populate our site quickly!  Advertise your Christian Organisation or Business for only £25 per year. Advertise your Event for just £5 You can sell items and products from just 50p and Special Page Banners are being sold for only £25 per month and include unlimited views!    More Details >>

What Do I Get and How Does it all Work? - A quick Summary
We Enable Christians To Be More Successful, More Fulfilled and Do Better Business With Each Other

Everything can be done Online or Telephone us to place your order: 02380 016 465 

Web design experience is not necessary because we provide everything you need. If you can use a word processor such as MS Word, you can use our online editor


You can Create and Publish Your Own Adverts or We can create and do everything for you* We Provide you with all the tools and templates to QUICKLY & EASILY create professional profile and banner adverts. Just fill in the fields and upload your images and documents, all in under 10 minutes! * small extra cost applies if we do it for you.

Your Own Web Page: this is what makes us unique! our professional profiles give you a whole web page to Customise to Your Exact Preference. Upload images, add videos, create hyperlinks, add documents, match your existing colours and styles. The possibilities are endless!

Amend Your Advert FREE 24/7 keep your advert fresh and up to date. You can Renew or Upgrade it online at any time. You buy space with us, Not a static advert.

No Forms or Artwork to Send In

No Waiting for Payment: We trust you to send payment to us so there is no delay in getting your advert live on our site.


Your profiles & Banners will be AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY in your account, regardless of your payment method, to create and publish as soon as you checkout. The whole process is Automatic and Instant. Your adverts are LIVE as soon as you publish them!


Events - Sell Tickets For Your Event: We provide everything you need to sell your tickets the professional way, including live sales management reporting to track your sales and to MANAGE your event. We also provide you with all your clients contact data.


We give you lots more space and sales fields to Sell/Market Yourself, Organisation or Product. Full contact info, a strapline/sales pitch, large image/logo, sales description of 200 words. Users can also reply to you and forward your adverts.

Sell Items, Products or Promotional Vouchers: We provide everything you need to sell your items, products or distribute your promotional vouchers, including live sales management reporting and your clients contact data.

Unlimited Page Views: We do not charge by impressions (page views) This saves you thousands of pounds! We charge a Low Cost Flat Fee, regardless of the number of times your advert is seen or viewed.

Your Own Account Area: Add Users, Update Your Details, Create & Manage your adverts, Track Your Sales, View & Print - Event Tickets or Products you have bought. Upload Images, Print Invoices. The list goes on...

Sales, Marketing and Business Services: We can provide or create: Bespoke Email Campaigns, Brochures, Sales Literature, Copywriting, Business Consultancy, Website Design, Database Design, Plus a Host of Business Related Services.

Remember: No Other Christian Site Gives You '
Your Own WEB PAGE' within your Profile, Promote Yourself - Your Way! Adverts are 'Fully Customisable' and You can change them '24/7 at No Extra Cost'. You Will 
Be Seen Online as soon as you have checked out or called us!

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