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WHY we have the three main sections, I am Looking For? I want to Buy or Rent and Christian Living & Services, please view the home page for details >>

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Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it right here. What’s more you’ll find it provided by Christian businesses or delivered in a Christian spirit by people who share your beliefs and your Christian faith.

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Like many Christians, chances are You Would Like to use Christian Tradespeople and Christian Businesses. Not only does this benefit the whole Christian community, but it also gives you added peace of mind, because you can be confident that they will share your standards and beliefs.

Why work, buy and sell with Christians?
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Christian businesses working together can also bring huge benefits, protecting the ethics and reputations of all involved. Whether you’re looking for a Christian business opportunity, a new Christian business supplier or simply new Christian client businesses, you’re in the right place to find them all.


On these pages you’ll literally find everything that you need, all provided by local, reliable, dependable Christian tradespeople that you know you can trust* In fact, whatever job you have that needs doing, big or small, simple or complex, you’ll find a Christian tradesperson to help you out, right here online. From sole traders to small businesses, franchises to local branches of national networks, our site gives you a one stop shop to help you find the skills, knowledge and experience you need to get the job done right.

Business Services and Find a Business


You can find all kinds of Christian businesses, large or small.  For an interesting article on what a Christian business should be like >>

Employees Can and are advised to advertise with us. Employees of any type and size of company or organisation, Christian or Non Christian can advertise with us. Christians and other like minded people would prefer to Work or Trade with a Christian. Remember, It's YOU personally they are dealing with and trust to give them Good Honest Advice. Read More >>


Employment - Find a Job or Let others know you are looking for work >>

Employer Types. You will find jobs from Christian Organisations or Businesses and from Christians in business who may own a business, but that the business is not specifically a Christian business, i.e. it trades and markets itself to non Christians.
Christians Looking For Jobs If you are out of work or looking for a new job, Advertise Yourself and let the job offers roll in! Employers save on recruitment costs and time, visit the 'People Looking For Work' section
Finding the right place of worship is vitally important. That’s why our comprehensive list of churches and places of worship includes all denominations, from informal Christian groups and gatherings, through chapels and meeting halls to Church of England and Catholic churches and cathedrals. Unlike some sites, we do not favour one denomination over another, so you’ll find all branches of the Christian faith represented here.

Register your church or Charity with us for the partnership scheme and you will receive a free standard church profile plus a 10% tithe for every one of your congregation or supporters who buys a profile from us, at no extra cost to them. It’s our way of encouraging church members and charity workers to work together to help their church or charity, as well as rewarding churches and charities who help spread the word about our new website.  more information on the partnership scheme >>

Charity is at the heart of the Christian faith >> and in this section you’ll find a wide range of Christian charities, UK and overseas projects, that need your help and support.

Why support Christian charities?
Most Christian charities receive little or no funding from government or other external sources and so rely on the goodwill of others to maintain their work. Yet this work is often vitally important and in many cases would not take place without them.... to continue reading, please go to the charity section

Would you like to get help or raise funds for your charity? visit the Sponsorship section to find out how. Don't forget to visit the Ministries Section as sometimes there is a cross over between Charities and Ministries. 

Christian Ministries >> The work of the church extends far beyond weekly Christian worship with Christian ministries across a wide range of communities both here in the UK and overseas. 
In this section you’ll find details of a range of ministries and church organisations and the ministry work they undertake. You’ll also find details of how you can get involved in the work of Christian ministries and ways you can offer your support, along with details of Christian ministry events and meetings that you can attend.
Evangelism    Healing    Praise & Worship    Youth    Training & Teaching    Missions    Music    Drama & Dance    Prayer    Help & Support    Plus much more... 
Would you like to get help or raise funds for your ministry? visit the Sponsorship section to find out how. Don't forget to visit the Charities Section as sometimes there is a cross over between Charities and Ministries.
Can You Help?  Practically or Financially?  There are many charity donation sites around these days, but until now, none, specifically for Christians. You will find lots of Christian Individuals and Christian Organisations looking for help and support here! and if you advertise on our site, you will get an advantage by finding Practical Christian Help, Support and Donations.
Find Practical Help or Finance. Many projects or events don't require financial donations, they Require Practical help. Maybe you are looking for extra pairs of hands to help out. Maybe you want to find stewards, counsellors, tradespeople to help with your project, crusade, special service etc. You can use our sponsorship profiles to find that help. Of course, if you need financial donations, then, that's not a problem either.

Don't get frustrated, find an expert to fix your computer or network.

Christian Conference and Event Centres >> offer a warm welcome to all Christian and non-Christian groups. You will find many inspiring places for; church conferences, business and annual meetings, weddings, weekend houseparties, personal retreats and holidays, planning meetings... to name just a few.
Conferences   Meetings   Weddings   Functions   Youth Groups   Holiday & Outdoor Activity centres are also found in our 'Travel & Holiday Section'

In this section, you’ll find details of many ways to incorporate Christian education into your life, from finding a Christian school for your children, to finding Christian education and Christian courses for yourself.

Bible Colleges   Training Centres & Services    Bible Study Courses   Christian Schools

If you feel the call to go further with your faith, perhaps by taking part in a mission overseas or spreading God’s work in your local area, there are lots of opportunities to get the skills you need in our Christian education section. Alternatively, if you are unable to take on this work yourself but want to support others, there are lots of ways to make donations and gifts on our Christian Charities page.

In the insurance section you will find a wide range of insurance services and articles to help you navigate through the insurance minefield.

Need a Good Solicitor, Barrister or Legal Representative?  Wouldn't it be nice to know that your legal problems are being looked after properly? Sadly, things go wrong and who do you turn to? Good news! you can find all the Christian legal help you need here.

Family lawyers provide Christian legal advice on everything from wills and probate to divorce and custody issues. In these delicate areas, having a Christian lawyer and Christian law firm can make all the difference in reaching a fair and honest agreement, with the minimum of unnecessary stress. You can find a solicitor for your family quickly and easily using our Christian solicitor search function, which will help you find a solicitor who specialises in your area of need.

Manage your Money in an Ethical and Christian way
  In this section you’ll find a broad range of Christian finance companies, from Christian financial advice to Christian loans, Christian banks to Christian debt advice, all provided in an honest, open and fair Christian way.*

Christian financial advice will help you balance your faith and your finances in that most challenging of areas for modern Christians. Christian financial advice can arrange your Christian finances in a way that promotes generosity over greed.

Have we missed anything? Would you like more categories? 

To live up to our name, we’ve tried to cover as many areas as possible, but if there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t here, please let us know and we’ll see if we can introduce it for you as soon as possible. You can let us know by emailing us at Sales@EverythingForChristians.com

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