Welcome to the Christian Ministries Section

The work of the church extends far beyond weekly Christian worship with Christian Christian ministries across a wide range of communities both here in the UK and overseas. 
In this section you’ll find details of a range of ministries and church organisations and the ministry work they undertake. You’ll also find details of how you can get involved in the work of Christian ministries and ways you can offer your support, along with details of 'Christian ministry events' and meetings that you can attend.
Evangelism    Healing    Praise & Worship    Youth    Training & Teaching    Missions    Music    Drama & Dance    Prayer    Help & Support    Plus much more... 
Would you like to get help or raise funds for your ministry? visit the Sponsorship section >> to find out how. Don't forget to visit the Charities Section >> as sometimes there is a cross over between Charities and Ministries.  Add a Donate button to your profile, find out how >>

Sorry, we currently do not have any Profiles or Sub Categories available in this section. However, there will be very soon, as we are currently marketing this section. Please make a note to come back and visit this section again in a few days time.