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You can find Christian and Non Christian Employees here by advertising your Job Vacancy. If you are out of work or looking for a new job, you can advertise yourself in the Christians Looking For Work Section and let others know about your skills, then, sit back and wait for the job offers to roll in! You can also find employment advice by browsing through our Employment Articles

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Christian employers naturally prefer to work with other Christians, bringing faith into your workplace, along with the reliability, trust and honesty that comes with it. 

A More Fulfilling Life

It can be hard to live as a Christian in the modern world, and that makes your job choice all the more important. Using our Christian job search section will help you bring your faith into the workplace, joining other Christians on a daily basis to help you maintain the Christian way of life that you enjoy on Sundays, throughout the working week. 

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Comprehensive Job Search   Whatever level of Christian or non Christian involvement you’re looking for in your next job, you can use our Christian job search to find all the Christian job vacancies that apply to you. With so many job opportunities available, you’ll find plenty of choice of Christian and Secular jobs online right here.

The job search allows you to search Christian vacancies* by organisation type, position, category, salary, location, length of contract and hours to find the perfect jobs for you.

A Huge Range of Christian and Non Christian Jobs   You’ll find Christian jobs across all industries, from sales and marketing Christian jobs to Christian careers in travel and tourism. There are even Christian job vacancies in new technology such as web design for companies like ours!
Employer Types  You will find jobs from Christian Organisations or Businesses and from Christians in business who may own a business, but that the business is not specifically a Christian business, i.e. it trades and markets itself to non Christians.

Christians Looking For Jobs >>  If you are out of work or looking for a new job, Advertise Yourself and let the job offers roll in! Employers save on recruitment costs and time, visit the People Looking For Work >> section.
Why Advertise Yourself ? - Let employers know about your skills - Sit Back and Let the Offers Roll in!
Because of the very nature of Business, companies might have just landed a new or unexpected contract and need staff fast! Or to cover staff holidays or illness.  It is very costly for them to put everything together and create an advert. It also takes time to process the advert and set up interviews. Often 8 weeks go by before an employee can start work etc.

You might be just what they are looking for and could start immediately! Sell yourself and let the employers come to you. You would be surprised at how many potential employers are looking for you!
Employers Save Time and Money on Recruitment Costs! 
We have lots of people looking for work. You can save time and money by recruiting from this section as there is no cost to you. Our people looking for work have invested in their future and paid their own advertising costs.  You could even find and hire someone today! You have no adverts to prepare or publish, no waiting for applicants to reply and contact you and in many cases, they are available for work immediately!
In this section Christian employers can find a huge range of people looking for Christian jobs, Christian employment opportunities and Christian careers. Similarly, people looking for Christian job opportunities can list themselves ready for those employers to find.

Christian Jobs Come To You

Searching for Christian jobs is never easy, and it is even harder in the current climate. But with this section, you can list your skills, experience and Christian employment requirements and the jobs will come to you.

Join our list of people looking for Christian jobs, and you’ll be found quickly and easily by local employers with Christian job vacancies. The more specific you can be about what you’re looking for in Christian jobs, the easier it will be for the perfect Christian job to find you.

You can create your listing quickly and easily by telling us where you want to work, what kind of work you want, as well as the hours, salary and contract length you are looking for in Christian jobs.

Find Christian Workers Fast

Alternatively, if you have Christian jobs that you need to fill, including Christian organisation jobs and Christian education employment, then check out our listings of all the people looking for Christian job vacancies in your area.

There are lots of people, with different skills and experience, who are looking for Christian jobs right now, so before you spend money on advertising your Christian job vacancies, visit this section first, because the perfect Christian job candidate could be already waiting to fill your Christian employment needs.

We have lots of help to get you back in to work.  Looking for Employment Advice? >>
*Please Note: It is against the law to show discrimination based on religious beliefs. The law ONLY allows you to advertise for a Christian if the job specifically requires a Christian to do it. For Example a Christian Minister or Christian Youth Leader can only be done by a Christian, but, a business looking for a data processor or admin person, cannot advertise for a Christian to do that job as the job could be done by anyone. Please seek legal advice BEFORE advertising for a Christian only job position. However, because Christians use our site, your are more likely to NATURALLY FIND a Christian employee, assuming that they are the best person for the job and for the reasons stated.