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Our Users Love to Support other Christians and Charity Projects
Can you Help? Practically or Financially? There are many charity donation sites around these days, but until now, none, specifically for Christians. You will find lots of Christian Individuals and Christian Organisations looking for help and support here! and if you advertise on our site, you will get an advantage by finding Practical Christian Help, Support and Donations.
Find Practical Help or Finance  Many projects or events don't require financial donations, they Require Practical help. Maybe you are looking for extra pairs of hands to help out. Maybe you want to find stewards, counsellors, tradespeople to help with your project, crusade, special service etc. You can use our sponsorship profiles to find that help. Of course, if you need financial donations, then, that's not a problem either.
You Don't Need a Website of Your Own to Find Help or Sponsorship  We have invested thousands of £'s in the software and technology you need to help you find help and sponsors for your Cause or Project. As you can see by browsing our site, all you need for an online presence is a profile from us!

You can add Donate Buttons on your profile. Receive Donations immediately.  more details >>    Looking for Sponsorship Advice?  Visit our Sponsorship Help & Advice Articles >>

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