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Kings Community Church
Upper Northam Close, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 4BZ, England

"grow stronger, deeper, warmer, broader, larger and further"
  • Denomination: Newfrontiers
  • Congregation Size: 750-1000
  • Leader: Mr Andy Johnston
  • Main Meeting Day: Sunday
  • Main Meeting Time: Morning
  • Partnership Coupon Code: KCCMay2013

Sundays are an important time in the life of KCC where we meet together for teaching and worship as a community of believers at 10am every week.

When you arrive you will be greeted by our welcome team. If you have any questions about KCC they are a great point of contact for you to get them answered!

Our meetings are lively and we actively encourage regular members of the church to bring contributions from the front. We begin with a time of sung worship, and then we have a short period of notices, during which various aged young people leave to go to their groups (if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of the stewards!). After this we enjoy a life-relevant message based on the Bible, before closing with an opportunity for people to respond or ask someone to pray with them.

After the meeting has finished, please make use of our Welcome Area for visitors in the lounge, where you can find out more about the church.

Finally, we would be really grateful if, when you’re visiting, you could fill in a connection card so that we can keep in touch with you.

More information and pictures to follow shortly.

Our aims as a church are to grow stronger, deeper, warmer, broader, larger and further.


Our church is built on the foundation of God’s word, the Bible, in which we see a reasonable and relevant basis for our faith and a clear moral framework for our lives, inspiring us to become better people, inspiring confidence, unlocking potential and transforming lives. We preach every week from the Bible on Sundays and encourage our small groups to investigate it together, seeing its relevance impact everyday life.


We are a vibrant, worshipping church with a God-centred focus prioritising worship and prayer in the Holy Spirit with powerful songs, where heaven touches earth and we are profoundly moved by the presence of God among us. A church praying prayers of faith and hope, seeking God and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.


We see a caring community where each unique individual is welcomed just as they are, accepted, valued and included. A friendly family where people can easily connect, develop authentic relationships and feel they belong, where all share in the privileges and responsibilities of fellowship-life together, so that needs on every level are looked after- spiritual, emotional, social and practical.


In the church we encourage each individual to recognise and develop their God-given gifts and abilities, both natural and spiritual, seeing the massive potential of each uniquely gifted person equipped and empowered in serving the communities around. The church is made up of joyful and dedicated people, young and old alike, counting it a privilege to give their time, talent and personal resources in the service of others.


Our heart is to share the good news of Jesus Christ by all means possible, and to disciple new believers in the ways of God in the context of the church. We aim to become a significantly large church, based in Hedge End, a crowded, thriving, growing church, throbbing with life, receiving people without judgement or prejudice, and welcoming all ages from all walks of life and all nationalities, from all across the Solent region.


We see the local church intimately connected to the church all around the world, rising up together across the earth; proclaiming salvation, embracing the poor and alleviating suffering and injustice through the love of God.
We share the responsibility through ministering in other nations, especially to help establish and strengthen new local churches, working in partnership with national Christians engaged in this task, and eventually to help bring the gospel to various unreached people. We also seek to minister to the needs of the poor and suffering wherever we can, especially children.

Our History

The beginnings of the church, then called Hedge End Community Church, go back to 1982 when a small group of Christians began meeting for Sunday worship in the Village Hall, Hedge End. Down through the years the church grew and our vision expanded. In 1994 we purchased 3.5 acres of land on which to build. By August 1999 we were ready to hold our first Sunday worship service in our own building. At this point we changed our name to King’s Community Church.

By the spring of 2006 our hall, which seats 450, was full most Sunday mornings and so in October 2006 we started two services to accommodate further growth. This involved many more people in serving, which they did enthusiastically! The church was able to continue growing whilst remaining friendly and welcoming.

For many years, however, we had dreamed of gathering a thousand or more people to worship each week. So in 2008 we were able (after years of prayer!) to buy some more land for car parking and submit our plans for a new 1300-seater auditorium.

We had our first Sunday meeting in the new auditorium in July 2011. After five years of being in two services it was great to meet as a whole church again, with capacity to keep growing. With the new auditorium we also have a Youth room, Crèche, Reception and offices. The building work has been financed by a bank loan and by members’ giving.

At the same time as starting the building project, we were also captured by a vision to be more engaged in mission wherever our people live, work and play. We were no longer just a “Hedge End church” but found ourselves drawing people from across Southampton and the Solent area.

So in September 2010, after a year of seeking God and praying in neighbourhoods we began to launch Missional Communities across the region. These are mid-sized groups that are small enough to share a common vision, yet large enough to do something about it.

We also have a long history of working overseas – Martyn Dunsford’s first trip to Germany was in 1983, since which time we have served God’s people in over 60 nations.

A harrowing visit by Martyn and his wife Gaynor to post-communist Romania spurred us to do something practical about the plight of orphans and street children. This led to the formation of CRY in 1992 – a charity which is providing care for disadvantaged, destitute and suffering children in more than 15 nations.

In 1995 KCC joined the New Frontiers family of churches, developing relationships across the UK and around the world. We are now part of the Catalyst network within New Frontiers.

We are also members of the Evangelical Alliance and Southampton Christian Network.

More information and pictures to follow


Don’t forget to mention when making contact.

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