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Christian Party Proclaiming Christs Lordship
Highland Moors, Wellington Rd, Llandrindod Wells, powys, LD1 5ND, UK

"Vote Christian on 7 MAY 2015 in the General Election"
  • We Provide: Christian policies, candidates and advice for those wanting to stand
  • We Help: Everyone
  • How We Help: Enable Christians to stand in the political arena
  • Region of Operation: UK
  • Denomination: All
  • Charity/Organisation Size: Large 26-150 Employees
  • Charity Number: Not Applicable
  • Income: Not Stated
  • Year Founded: 2004

We are Christians working together to bring Christian concern, goodwill and action into the community, education, business and politics. The Christian Party exists to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to enable Christians who profess Jesus as their Lord and Saviour to stand within the political arena. Our vision for the British Values 2015 Campaign is to enable every Christian to be able to vote for a Christian candidate across the UK on 7th May 2015. You can make this happen by finding out who are the candidates in your constituency and entering their details into If God is calling you to stand, call the head office today to talk about how you might be involved on 01597 815151.


Most people enter into politics with the desire to make a significant difference. It is, however, easy to think that activity is the same as doing something significant. Jesus taught that we can do nothing spiritually useful 'apart from' Him.  British political parties have ignored this basic truth. They are not rooted in Christ and are therefore unlikely to achieve lasting good in God’s eyes. The result has been policies and laws that have been detrimental to our society.

For example, Communism was widely believed in the 19th century to be a good and fair philosophy, more or less in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ. But the foundation of Communism is atheistic secularism. As time went on, as sure as night followed day, that ungodly root led to such widespread evil and murder that almost nobody claims to be a Communist today. In the same way, secularism has now clearly begun to produce evil in our society.  It will get worse and worse unless together we stop it.  Yet all the major political parties embrace secular policies.

The Christian Party is a political party comprising Christians who seek to serve their country and all their fellow citizens in a professional manner in the political arena. Without compromising our faith we seek to serve all – regardless of race, creed, or sexual orientation – giving respect to those who do not share our faith, while in turn expecting them to respect us and others. 

The Christian Party believes that there is a clear majority in the United Kingdom who treasure our Christian heritage, even if they are not active church members. However, a secular elite who are hostile to this heritage now dominate the main political parties. They want to destroy what is left of our country’s Christian culture and legacy.

The secular agenda has clearly created the problems in our society which everyone can see, and it will only become worse unless we rise up together to recover the Christian values that made Britain great. However, other political parties seem to embrace this secular agenda.

Goodwill towards others is the cement that creates social cohesion, but political correctness is promoting intolerance. It is generating fear and division in neighbourhoods and communities.

As a political party we will promote goodwill and toleration between all groups in this country, with Christian grace instead of the heavy hand of the law upon our own citizens, and megaphone diplomacy in our international relations.

Britain was once renowned for freedom of speech, but the secular agenda aims to close down debate using the sanctions of law. Secularists tell us to accept people as they are, but they will not accept people who do not agree with them. Unless we protect our hard won freedoms, we will see the culture of fear and intimidation continue to increase.

Making laws does not give the motivation to keep these laws. Jesus teaches us a better way - to change hearts. He gives us the opportunity to choose life instead of the death culture we see all around us - abortion, euthanasia and the teenage gang culture. If we are to weed out the corruption in our society, we need to change hearts. It used to be said that people need jobs, housing and education, but the country was brought to the edge of bankruptcy by highly educated people, in top jobs, living in expensive houses. There is something missing, and that is the Christian contribution to society. Max Weber demonstrated that capitalism developed in Protestant Europe, but since then the Christian content has been stripped out of capitalism with disastrous results, just as it has been stripped out of education in our schools, and the caring professions with similar disastrous results.

This is what the Christian Party will contribute to the debate to solve the lack of cohesion in our communities and improve the sanctions in our legislative process. The current process has legislated the soul out of our country.

We are for choice and freedom of expression instead of the fear, divisiveness, over-regulation and suppression served up by the successive governments in recent decades.

Most people in Britain appreciate our Christian culture, and have little time for the secular minority who aim to wreck it. Their so-called post-Christian era is non-existent because Jesus has said that He will be with His church till the end of time.

Jeff Green

Leader of the Christian Party



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