Profile Adverts - Everything You Need To Know

No Other Christian Site Gives You, 
Your 'Own WEB PAGE within your Profile' It is 'Fully Customisable' and you can change it '24/7 at No Cost' You Will 
Be Seen Online as soon as you have checked out or called us!

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What are Profiles? - Profiles are Adverts
  many sites use the term, adverts or listings. However, We prefer to use the term profile, as a profile means 'to describe a person or organisation in a short article'. Therefore, we use the term Profile as we feel it sums up what we do best.
Promote Yourself - Your Way! You can promote yourself better with us because our Profiles give you lots more space and sales input fields to Sell or Market Yourself, Organisation or Product. Please see the chart below for a fuller description of what we give you.

Our Profile Design will Professionally Promote You, Your Organisation or Product. 
You will want to be seen on our siteThe image we create on your behalf is outstanding.

You Get Your Own Web Page Within Your Profile - No Other Christian Site Gives You This!

This is what makes us unique! No other Christian site give you this! Our professional template profiles give you a whole web page within your profile to Customise to Your Exact Preference and style, the possibilities are endless!  (please check the table below to see the various template types as standard profiles do not have this feature). 

We Provide you with all the tools and templates to QUICKLY and EASILY create professional looking profile and banner adverts in under 10 minutes! Just fill in the fields and upload your images, documents, create links, add videos and match your existing colours and styles. The possibilities are endless! They are only limited by your imagination! - Nobody gives you more! 

You Create and Publish Your Own Adverts or We Can Do It All For You

No design experience necessary! - We've made it very easy for you. You don't need any web design experience or know computer code, if you can use a word processor such as MS Word, you can use our online web page editor. You can now create stunning adverts just like the professionals.

If you prefer, 
we can create your profiles and banners for you. 
We can also edit or design your artwork and touch up any images for you to use within your adverts. For further information, please call us or click the link for prices   Extra Services From-Us >> 

We have lots of helpful information to help you create stunning profile adverts in our FAQ's and Help section.   

Amend your Advert FREE 24/7 as Many Times as You Like
Keep your advert FRESH and Up To Date. You are not buying a static advert from us. You are buying space on our site, and we give you complete control over it! The longer the commitment (duration of the advert), the cheaper the space! You can change it as many times as you like, FREE of charge. For example, you may want to use fluid pricing (match supply to demand) so you log in frequently to change the price. Maybe you want to change the product you are selling, it's no problem with us, just change the details. You can save lots of money this way, because you can buy a 12 month product profile from us (best prices are for a 12 month contract period) and change the product as many times as you like. With us you SAVE lots of Time and Money as you don't have to keep creating adverts from scratch or buy static adverts for each product.

You are in control of your Privacy -You can be contacted via 'The Reply to Advert' button
You are able to hide or publish your contact information, including your email address or phone number to the public, however, you can still be contacted by users via the 'Reply to Advert button.' You then decide if you want to reply, as you are in total control of your privacy. You are in control of the whole advertising process!

What Types of Profiles and Profile Templates Are There?

Stop Press: Opening Offer - All Bought Profiles Now Use the 'Professional Template' our Best Product at No Extra Cost to you!

General Profiles:   We use the term general to refer to any profiles that are not, featured profiles or use the ticket / product template. General Profiles use the basic, topic, standard or professional profile templates including the agent details where appropriate as listed in the chart below. They are in use in all categories.

Featured Profiles:   Featured Profiles ALWAYS show BEFORE the results list of all the other advertisers in a category. We limit the number of Featured Profiles available in a category to a maximum of 3 unless stated in the T&C's of a specific category. The featured profiles use the same templates as shown below.
Sell Your Event Online Profiles >>    These profiles enable you to advertise your event and sell actual tickets to your event online with us. (ticket/product template)   
Sell Your Items or Products Profiles >>   These profiles enable you to Sell your items or products online with us. (ticket/product template)   

Promote Special Offers or Discount Vouchers Profiles >>   These profiles enable you to advertise and promote your special offers or discount vouchers online with us. (ticket/product template)   
Sponsorship Profiles   These profiles enable you to raise sponsorship or get practical help online with us. (ticket/product template)   

Profile Template Types and What You Get as Standard

Stop Press: Opening Offer - All Bought Profiles Now Use the 'Professional Template' our Best Product at No Extra Cost to you!

All Profile Templates include: A Large Image / Logo (350 x 263 pixels), Price (where appropriate), Prominent Price / Topic Description, Marketing Strapline / Slogan / Article Highlight Description Area, Sales Description up to 200 words, to describe; yourself, your organisation, article or product. There is also a Reply To (where appropriate) and Forward To a Friend Function from your Profile Advert.

Contact Information = Contact Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, Website Address (with hyperlink) Please Note: You are able to hide or publish your email address to the public, however, you can still be contacted by users via the Reply to Advert button. You then decide if you want to reply, as you are in total control of your privacy.

Customisable Web Page'This is what Makes us Unique'  This is in addition to what is included on all profiles. You are given a web page to customise to your exact preference. You have access to our easy to use online HTML Editor to create your own unique web page. You have up to 2 megabytes to use on the page. You can create: Text, Hyperlinks, Tables, Document Downloads, Embed YouTube Videos, Upload Adverts, Add Images. The possibilities are endless!

Agent Profiles = In addition to the standard Contact Information, an Agent Profile Includes: Agent Logo, Agent Name, Agent Contact Name, Agent Telephone Number, Agent Email Address, Agent Website Address, Agent Location Address.

Specific Criteria Fields: in addition to what is shown above, all profiles will use specific criteria fields. These are dependent on the category or section that the profile is published in and they are unique to that profile. Example: Heading Name, Item Name, Item Details, Location etc.

Need a Specific Type of Profile? If you require a different combination to what we have shown below, then Please let us know and we will create one for you.

Template Name

Contact Information

Customisable Web Page

Agent Details












Professional - Opening Offer - Now Included on ALL profiles at No Extra Cost



Professional - Agent




Ticket / Product




Ticket / Product - Agent




Take Payment for Anything sold online, Events, Tickets, Products, Registrations, Subscriptions or Donations

It's easy, just get a PayPal Account. It doesn't matter whether you are an individual or a business. All you have to do is send an email to your client, OR redirect them to PayPals send payment page and your client can pay online immediately. It's FREE and it only takes a few minutes to create an account with PayPal, chances are, you will have one already as PayPal is part of Ebay. If you are using our, professional or ticket/product templates we allow you to paste html code into your profile from PayPal. If you are using our professional sales package, our sales management reporting program is included. We give you all your client contact details including their email address, so it's really easy for you to send an email to get payment via PayPal.

Just put the instructions and the link in your profile and your client can and will pay you immediately. PayPal also allow clients to send FREE payments via UK bank accounts, so your clients don't even need a credit card! PayPal also take security very seriously, so you don't have to worry about dodgy payments either. Donate Buttons. PayPal also give you your own unique Donate Now button.
PayPal also give you Buy Now Buttons and Donate Buttons. You can easily put these buttons in your profile.
See how easy it is, click the following link to go to the  FAQ & Help: How do I take payment by credit card for items I have sold or donations  

For Further Information Please View the FAQ and Help Pages   

For information on Banner Adverts    

Remember: No Other Christian Site Gives You '
Your Own WEB PAGE' within your Profile. It is 'Fully Customisable' and You can change it '24/7 at No Extra Cost'. You Will 
Be Seen Online as soon as you have checked out or called us!