Sell Your Items and Products or Accept Online Registrations - Everything You Need To Know

No Other Christian Site Gives You '
Your Own WEB PAGE' within your Profile. It is 'Fully Customisable' and You can change it '24/7 at No Extra Cost'. You Will 
Be Seen Online as soon as you have checked out or called us!

Selling Your Items and Products with us or Accepting Registrations or Subscriptions is very Easy with us

The following information is in ADDITION to what you get as standard on all our profiles. This EXTRA Information is specific to these Item & Product profile adverts.  For all the STANDARD FEATURES of our profiles and how they all work, please go to  Profile Adverts - About >>

Opening Offer Prices: Advertise your items & products from just 50p - With us you are buying space in our site, not a static advert so you can change your event as many times as you like.

Whatever you are Selling, Everything for Christians is the Perfect Place to Advertise and Sell, both Personal or Commercial Items and Products. You can also use these templates to accept online Registrations or Sign ups for your service or subscriptions.

You Don't Need a Website of Your Own to Advertise or Sell With Us

We have invested thousands of £'s in the software and technology you need for a slick and professional promotion. As you can see by browsing our site, all you need for an online presence is a profile from us!

How Do I Advertise or Sell Items and Products or Accept Online Registrations?

are 2 Ways: 
You can just Advertise your item OR you can Advertise and Sell your item online or accept registrations / sign ups.
Advertise Only: If you just want to advertise your Item or Product without being able to process the sale or accept registrations automatically online, then the standard package is the one to use. The templates that the standard package uses are based on the standard, professional or agent templates. They do not have the facility on them to enable you to sell and take payment online or accept online registrations.
Professional Sales Package: If you want to be able to SELL and Process the Sale Automatically online and/or Accept online Registrations or Subscriptions, then you need to use the professional sales package. This package uses a ticket / product profile that allows you to sell items or products and process the sale online or Receive online Registrations or subscriptions. The Sales Management Reporting Program is also included, so that you can keep track of everyone who has bought something from you or registered their interest with you, such as signing up for something. We also give you all your clients details so that you can market your services, now and in the future. 

Please Note: in most cases you take payment directly from your client. Where profiles allow registrations, we can take payments on your behalf. Please see the paragraph below on how to take payments yourself.

What Types of Items or Products Can Be Sold?

As long as your item is suitable for a Christian audience, you can advertise or sell any type of item or product with us, Personally or Commercially. You may be an individual or a company / organisation, it makes no difference to us. However, you will advertise personal items and products in the Personal Items and Products Section and Commercial items and products in the Commercial Items and Products Section.

Want or Looking for an Item or Product? - Use our Profiles to Find or Advertise for a Wanted Item!
You can use our profiles to advertise for a WANTED item or product. Just sit back and let the offers come to you! click to go to the wanted items section

Why Use The Professional Sales Package? - Full Sales Management Reporting - Never Lose a Sale or Registration!

We provide you with full sales management reporting to see the status of your item or product sales or the details of everyone that has registered or signed up with you. With full sales reporting available anytime, in real time, you’ll always know how well your sales promotion is going. You can even export your report into Excel to analyse your sales. 

To see what the 'My Sales' Report looks like, click the My Account button   

Benefits of The Professional Package

We Save You Lots of Time. It's cheaper to use us than to do it yourself and it takes away the hassle of selling and administering your event.

You don’t have to employ anyone to sell your event as we take care of the whole process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Change your advert profile 24/7 FREE of charge as many times as you like.

No Admin Costs, No Invoicing, No Tickets to Produce or Print. No Tickets to Get Lost as your Client Prints them from their account whenever they want to. No Postage Costs

We send you a Confirmation Email the moment you Sell a Ticket

You Don’t have to have your own website to sell tickets, just a ticket profile on our site.

Control when your tickets go on sale, even to the minute.

Increase or Decrease Your Ticket Availability to Match Demand. Free of Charge 24/7


Choose Your Own Ticket Numbering to match your own stock or other sales outlets.

Track Sales and Manage Your Event in Real Time using our Sales Management Reports

We Give You All Your Clients Details including all their Contact Information for future marketing purposes.

Sell items & products at an exhibition or event – Don’t Miss Late Sales. Take a Laptop to your event to manage your sales or collections.

What categories are there? - You can Sell or Accept Registrations in ANY category - Just contact us to upgrade your profile.
You can sell items or accept online registrations in any category. If your chosen category doesn't appear to allow you to sell or accept registrations, please contact us and we will change your profile to a template that will allow you to sell items or accept online registrations. Please email: 

Sell Items or Products or Registrations / Sign Ups at an Event or Exhibition To Maximise Your Sales!

Take a laptop to your event or exhibition and Sell Items or Products or Get People to Register or Sign Up for your offer! You can also Verify the Authenticity of Your Clients Vouchers / Purchases at the point of collection or delivery. It really is that easy.

What Happens to the Item Sales Vouchers / Invoices?  - We Send Item or Product Vouchers / Invoices Instantly To Your Clients Account

Clients buy online from your item or product profile and we process the sale. We send a voucher / invoice directly to your clients account for them to print off. They can go back to their vouchers / invoices at any time and print them whenever they want to. There are NO Sales Vouchers or Invoices for Your Clients To Lose! and you will save money because there are no postage costs.

You Take The Payment Yourself

You arrange with your client how you want to be paid (put the payment details on your profile). In all cases you take payment directly from your client. You may have allowed your client to post a cheque to you or pay cash on picking up the items from your shop, office or warehouse etc.

The item cost fields will NOT show on your profile template.

How do I sell my items then?   Please put the item cost and details in the remarks section/details on the ticket/product profile. Your client, then selects the quantity they require and check out via our site.

Their order will show a £0.00 (nil) amount due. However, they have committed themselves to you for their order. You just have to arrange payment. We will have sent you ALL your clients details, of the event, item or product, subscription, registration fee etc. in your Sales Management Report, which is available in your My Account section.

You Then Request Payment: 
You then send them a request via PayPal, or Direct your client to the PayPal online payment page.   Click this link FAQ's & Help How Do I accept Payments

It may seem a little crazy the way we have done it, but we wanted you to be in CONTROL of how you receive payment for your items, and as our site allows for many different transaction types and profile uses, this is the most flexible way of doing things.

How Can I Take Payment for Anything I have sold online, Products, Registrations, Subscriptions or Donations?

It's easy, just get a PayPal Account. All you have to do is send an email to your client, OR redirect them to PayPals send payment page and your client can pay online immediately. It doesn't matter whether you are an individual or a business. It's FREE and it only takes a few minutes to create an account with PayPal, chances are, you will have one already as PayPal is part of Ebay. If you are using our, professional or ticket/product templates we allow you to paste html code into your profile from PayPal. If you are using our professional sales package, our sales management reporting program is included. We give you all your client contact details including their email address, so it's really easy for you to send an email to get payment via PayPal.
Just put the instructions and the link in your profile and your client can and will pay you immediately. PayPal also allow clients to send FREE payments via UK bank accounts, so your clients don't even need a credit card! PayPal also take security very seriously, so you don't have to worry about dodgy payments either.
PayPal also give you Buy Now Buttons and Donate Buttons. You can easily put these buttons in your profile.

Please see the paragraph (You Take The Payment Yourself) near the end of this page for how to use your profile and how it works to take your own payments.

You Can Choose the Sales Voucher Numbers and Sequence to Match Your Own or Other Sales Sources

Naturally we understand that security is of paramount importance, so we give you the option of numbering each item or product sales voucher to match your own system. We’ll then supply you with details of every buyer, and a copy of their actual sales voucher / invoice, so you can cross reference for complete peace of mind. You will find a detailed explanation about sales voucher numbers on the create/edit ticket profile form. Click the FAQ's to see the form    

Item and Product Types
Currently, you can only sell Items or Products by the same type of item and it's not possible to choose multiple items from a sales profile. 

However, if you want to be able to sell various Items or Multiple Product types, we suggest that you use a professional profile and publish ALL the various types of items or products you are selling on your profile. Please Note: We hope to introduce the sale of multiple items soon.

What Does it Cost? - We Have Gone Launch Crazy!  It's Excellent Value For Money
All prices quoted exclude vat. UK registered Charities do not pay vat. If you are a UK registered charity, just enter your number at checkout and the vat will be taken off automatically. You will be invoiced separately for any transaction or other charges over and above the quantity included in the price of the profile.

You can sell or accept online registrations in ANY CATEGORY. The links from this page are to the main categories for selling items, to give you an idea as to how it all works. If you can't see a profile in your chosen category that allows you to sell or accept online registrations, please email us and we will upgrade your profile for you.
Items and Products for Sale section: The price varies according to the type of advertiser. We have 2 types of advertisers, individuals and commercial (companies, churches, organisations etc.) For full pricing options please click the go to price list button to be taken straight to the Sell My Items Or Products Section  

Advertise Only: Launch Prices start at just 50p to sell items as an individual.  If you are using the profile to Advertise Your Item or Product, our profiles are priced by the cost of the item and the duration that you would like to advertise for. There are no other fees payable.
Professional Sales Package: Our item or product profiles are priced by the cost of the item and the duration that you would like to advertise for plus a transaction charge of £1 per item or product sold. (£1 inc. vat for non vat registered users and £1 ex vat for vat registered users or charities who can claim back the vat). The extra costs will be invoiced periodically.

Some categories are cheaper and some maybe more expensive. Please see the specific cost for the relevant category you wish to advertise in. The details are also shown in the T&C's on each profile in the price list.

Do You Have A Specific Sales Requirement?
Please contact our sales department for a specific quote based on the circumstances of a particular sales campaign for an item or product. Email:

We Act as Technology Providers ONLY - The Seller is Fully Responsible for the Advertised Item or Product
The Seller, individual or business / organisation is totally responsible for the item sold. They are responsible for complying with all aspects of the law, health and safety or otherwise and for the performance and fulfillment of the advertised item. If the sale of the item or product  is cancelled, withdrawn or not fulfilled for any reason, all refunds will be processed directly by and from the seller. The seller is also fully responsible for ensuring any clients are made aware of any description or product changes to the advertised item or product.
We act only as a technology provider administering the software to enable items or products to be sold and managed.