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Social Evenings and Events arranged by Everything for Christians - You can never have too many friends!

There are lots of opportunities for spiritual meetings, but not many where you can spend a relaxing day out or evening, having fun and eating delicious food in the company of fellow Christians. There will not be any preaching at our social evenings, but help will be on hand if you need prayer or would like to know more about being a Christian. Our passion is to Bring Christians Together!

We will soon be launching our social events and evenings. We intend these to be held in restaurants or places of interest throughout the UK, where we can have lots of FUN and FELLOWSHIP with one another. These evenings will be for all ages and for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are married, single, young or old, these events and evenings are for you! You can never make too many friends.

The whole event will be based around making new friends and catching up with old ones. They will also be a great way for single people to meet other people in a relaxed and none threatening way.

Why are we doing this? The world is a great place and we want to enjoy it, how better could we do this than to share it's wonders with fellow Christians. Christians would like to meet other Christians in an atmosphere that is conducent with the Christian way of life. This doesn't mean boring though! as we know how to have fun! and want you to, to.

Christians have an obligation to ensure that no-one is bored, lonely or left out, because when we are, we face the biggest temptations and we can find ourselves going to places or partaking in things that do not enrich us or are pleasing to God.

The Good News! We plan to change that and make sure there is an alternative and provide some fantastic nights out and events so that you can have fun and make new friends.

We want to make sure these events are based around YOU and not around us. We also want to make sure the events and evenings are accessible to all, no matter where you live.

Please help us plan our socials and events by completing our short survey below.

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