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Practical Help & Advice there are lots of Christians, for example, Single Parents, elderly people and people without any opposite sexes influence in their lives that need advice.

It is very easy to take for granted what we know. Sadly, there are Christians amongst us that are struggling without a father figure or who don't have any male influence in their lives. Obviously, the opposite is true also, there are lots of men that do not have any female influence in their lives either.

We all need to encourage and help each other where we can. One way to do this is to give good advice. We have created the perfect place where people can come for practical advice. If you have any articles of any nature that would help anyone, we would appreciate you creating a free profile in this section. If you can't find the advice you need, don't worry, just use one of the profiles to ASK for Advice. Hopefully then, someone will provide the advice you need a few days later in this section. Others will also benefit from you asking for advice.

Monthly Prize: The best bit of advice in this section will win £25.00 Of advertising. Our editor will judge the best bit of advice posted at the end of each calendar month. The editor will also take note of the number of profile views (visitors to your advice profile) to help decide who should win the prize. ALL profiles are FREE.

Can You Help Us? we need help in creating and publishing these practical help and advice Articles. There are lots of Christians who need  practical help and advice advice.
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