Sponsorship - Find A Sponsor - Everything You Need To Know

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Your Own WEB PAGE' within your Profile. It is 'Fully Customisable' and You can change it '24/7 at No Extra Cost'. You Will 
Be Seen Online as soon as you have checked out or called us!

Looking for Help or Raise Funds to do God's Work or a Charity Project?

The following information is in ADDITION to what you get as standard on all our profiles. This EXTRA Information is specific to these Sponsorship profile adverts.  For all the STANDARD FEATURES of our profiles and how they all work, please go to  Profile Adverts - About >>

Opening Offer Prices: Advertise for sponsorship for just £5 for 3 months or £25 for a year With us you are buying space in our site, not a static advert so you can change your event as many times as you like.

Our Users Love to Support other Christians and Charity Projects
Thousands of people use our site every week. Many of them are looking for good causes to sponsor. There are many charity donation sites around these days, but none, specifically for Christians. So by advertising on our site, you will get an advantage by finding Practical Christian Help, Support and Donations.

Find Practical Help or Finance    
Many projects or events don't require financial donations, they Require Practical help. Maybe you are looking for extra pairs of hands to help out. Maybe you want to find stewards, counsellors, tradespeople to help with your project, crusade, special service etc. You can use our sponsorship profiles to find that help. Of course, if you need financial donations, then, that's not a problem either.

You Don't Need a Website of Your Own to Find Help or Sponsorship

We have invested thousands of £'s in the software and technology you need to help you find help and sponsors for your Cause or Project. As you can see by browsing our site, all you need for an online presence is a profile from us!

How Do I Find Help or Sponsorship? - There are 2 Ways
You can Advertise for sponsorship and practical help OR you can receive Donations or Offers of Help online.
Advertise Only: If you just want to advertise your Sponsorship or Help requirements, without being able to receive donations or offers of help online, then the standard package is the one to use. The templates that the standard package uses are based on the professional template. They do not have the facility on them to enable you to receive registrations for help or donations online. However, You can  ADD Your Own Donate Now buttons to these profiles though.
Professional Package: If you want to be able to receive offers of help (registrations / sign up online) or donations for your project then you need to use the professional package. This package uses a ticket / product profile that allows you to receive registrations for offers of help or donations and choose whether you take donations or we take donations your behalf. The Management Reporting Program is also included, so that you can keep track of everyone who has donated or offered help and support to you. We also give you all your sponsors details so that you can keep them informed of your progress, now and in the future. However, You can  ADD Your Own Donate Now buttons to these profiles though.
Please Note: You can  ADD Your Own Donate Now buttons to your profile immediately.  In all cases you take sponsorship donations directly from your client. See the next paragraph for information on receiving payments.

Why Use The Professional Package? - Full Management Reporting - Keep Track of Everything!
We provide you with full management reporting to see the status of your sponsorship. With full reporting available anytime, in real time, you’ll always know how well your cause or project is going. You can even export your report into Excel. 

To see what the 'My Sales' Report looks like, click the My Account button   
The following applies to the professional package only

Benefits of The Professional Package

We Save You Lots of Time. It's cheaper to use us than to do it yourself and it takes away the hassle of selling and administering your event.

You don’t have to employ anyone to sell your event as we take care of the whole process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Change your advert profile 24/7 FREE of charge as many times as you like.

No Admin Costs, No Invoicing, No Tickets to Produce or Print. No Tickets to Get Lost as your Client Prints them from their account whenever they want to. No Postage Costs

We send you a Confirmation Email the moment you Sell a Ticket

You Don’t have to have your own website to sell tickets, just a ticket profile on our site.

Control when your tickets go on sale, even to the minute.

Increase or Decrease Your Ticket Availability to Match Demand. Free of Charge 24/7


Choose Your Own Ticket Numbering to match your own stock or other sales outlets.

Track Sales and Manage Your Event in Real Time using our Sales Management Reports

We Give You All Your Clients Details including all their Contact Information for future marketing purposes.

Get Sponsorship at your event or on the door – Take a Laptop to your event to manage it and sign up helpers.

What If I Just Want Help? No Financial Donations Required?
No problem! Naturally, we understand that you want to use our management program to be able to manage your cause or project. Often FREE HELP takes more time to organise, and incurs just as many admin and labour costs as financial sponsorship. As you know by now, we make it simple and cost effective for you to get help for your cause or project. For technical reasons, free profiles or profiles that do not commit to an amount have to be processed in the same way as bought profiles. However, when your helpers go through the check out process they will not be asked for payment. They will just be committing to give you help as you have requested. The pricing for advertising for help is different from donations. Please see the Prices section below regarding costs. 

Raise Awareness at an Event or Exhibition To Maximise Your Help or Donations 

Take a laptop to your event or exhibition and raise awareness for your cause or project.

What Happens to the Donation Vouchers / Invoices?  - We Send a Copy To Your Clients Account

Clients Donate (buy) online from your sponsorship profile and we process the donation. We send a voucher / invoice directly to your clients account for them to print off. They can go back to their vouchers / invoices at any time and print them whenever they want to. There are No Vouchers or Invoices for Your Clients To Lose! and you will save money because there are no postage costs.

You Can Choose the Receipt Voucher Numbers and Sequence to Match Your Own or Other Sources

Naturally we understand that security is of paramount importance, so we give you the option of numbering each donation voucher to match your own system. We’ll then supply you with details of every sponsor, and a copy of their actual sales voucher / invoice, so you can cross reference for complete peace of mind. You will find a detailed explanation about voucher numbers on the create/edit ticket profile form. Click the FAQ's to see the form    

Take Donations Direct or We Can Take Donations on Your Behalf

You may not be using your profile to raise funds as you are looking for practical help. The following only applies if you want to receive donations for your project.
Donations Yourself: You can add PayPal Donate buttons (or similar ) to your profile, so that you can receive credit card payments or you can ask for payments directly from your sponsors. See the paragraph earlier in this page about PayPal payments. Alternatively, in some circumstances, we can accept payments on your behalf.
If you want to take payment yourself, your event profile does not have to be pre authorised by us. 
Donations on your behalf: This facility is not currently available for payments by credit card. Cheques or Cash can be used immediately.  We hope to implement this function as soon as possible. 2012 However, if this facility is something that you need urgently, please contact us and we will try to implement it sooner. Please see the paragraph earlier in this page about using PayPal to receive payments.
Approval will be required before your sponsorship profile is published if you would like us to take donations on your behalf. The price list shows the sponsorship profiles that go through the approval process. You buy your sponsorship profile and create and publish it in the usual way. You create your profile, completing all the details etc, then when you are ready to publish your sponsorship profile, you click publish. Your profile is then queued to our management report for us to Approve. The approval process usually takes no more than a few hours during normal working hours. Most are approved, we just need to make sure the sponsorship profile is a genuine one before taking donations on your behalf.

How Can I Take Payment for Anything I have sold online, Products, Registrations, Subscriptions or Donations?

It's easy, just get a PayPal Account. All you have to do is send an email to your client, OR redirect them to PayPals send payment page and your client can pay online immediately. It doesn't matter whether you are an individual or a business. It's FREE and it only takes a few minutes to create an account with PayPal, chances are, you will have one already as PayPal is part of Ebay. If you are using our, professional or ticket/product templates we allow you to paste html code into your profile from PayPal. If you are using our professional sales package, our sales management reporting program is included. We give you all your client contact details including their email address, so it's really easy for you to send an email to get payment via PayPal.

Just put the instructions and the link in your profile and your client can and will pay you immediately. PayPal also allow clients to send FREE payments via UK bank accounts, so your clients don't even need a credit card! PayPal also take security very seriously, so you don't have to worry about dodgy payments either.
Donate Buttons. PayPal also give you your own unique Donate Now button. If you need to sell something you can also add a Buy Now Button.

Some Sponsors Will Only Send Donations to Us, Until the sponsorship Requirements have been Fulfilled or Completed.
Example 1: If you are doing a sponsored parachute jump to raise funds for your charity or project. Sponsors may not wish to give you the funds before you do the jump. Therefore, you will need to use a profile that allows us to take the donations on your behalf. We will then send the donations to you after you have done the jump.
Example 2: You may be looking to raise funds to build an orphanage in Africa and your sponsors may not be willing to donate to you until all the plans or legal plans are in place. Obviously you need some form of commitment from your sponsors before you make commitments yourself. You publish the guidelines and time frames on your profile ( effectively your contract information for your sponsors ) and we collect the donations and release the donations in accordance with the details published on your profile.

What Does it Cost? - We Have Gone Launch Crazy!  It's Excellent Value For Money
All prices quoted exclude vat. UK registered Charities do not pay vat. If you are a UK registered charity, just enter your number at checkout and the vat will be taken off automatically. You will be invoiced separately for any transaction charges over and above the quantity included in the price of the profile.
Advertise Only Package:
Advertise for Help or Take Donations Yourself:  Launch Prices start at just £10 for 3 months and £25.00 for a year! If you are using the sponsorship profile to advertise for help or to take the donations yourself, our sponsorship profiles are priced by the duration that you would like to advertise for. There are no other fees payable.
Professional Package:

If your profile allows you to accept registrations / Sign Ups, in addition to the profile cost a £1.00 per registrant fee will apply (including vat for non vat regisered clients and plus vat for registered vat clients)
Plus the following (if applicable).

Cost If You Require Help Only - No Donations:
If you are just looking for Help and/or you are not using us to take donations on your behalf, there will be a transaction charge of £1.00 per person signing up to help. The £1.00 fee includes vat for non vat registered persons or organisations and excludes vat for vat registered organisations.
Cost Example 3: Assuming you are looking for stewarding help for a conference. 25 people sign up to help you, then the cost would be 25 x £1.00 = £25.00
Launch prices start at only £10.00 for 3 months and £25 for the year

Please see the paragraph earlier in this page about using PayPal to receive payments.

For full pricing options please click the go to price list button to be taken straight to the Sponsorship Prices Section  

Do You Have A Specific Cause or Project Requirement?
Please contact our sales department for a specific quote based on the circumstances of a particular cause or project. Email: Sales@EverythingForChristians.com

When and How Do I Get Paid for the Sponsored Event or Project?
Please see the paragraph earlier in this page about using PayPal to receive payments.

Payments are made by bank transfer to your account in GBP (£ sterling) unless agreed otherwise. Included in your profile fee is 1 FREE repayment to you. If more than 1 payment to you is required, depending on the size of the project and the duration of your listing, each additional payment will incur a £25 administration charge. For example, if you have bought a profile for just 1 month, then only 1 payment will be required to be made to you, so there will not be a charge. If you have bought a 6 or 12 month profile, then to help your cash flow, you may require more frequent payments from us. These extra charges vary depending on the size and cost of your sponsorship project or event. Please see the details in the price list for current pricing and payment options.
If we have taken payment on your behalf for your sponsored project or event, and assuming that there are no outstanding payments due from your clients for your sponsorship, payment will be made to you within 10 working days after your completed project or event. However, you can request part payments before the event date to help with cash flow or other contractual agreements you may have etc. 

Please Note: Credit or Debit Card Payments do not get sent to us by Barclays Bank until after 33 days from the transaction date. In simple terms, we do not receive the money until after 33 days from the purchase date. We therefore, cannot make any credit or debit card payments until we have received them in our account.
Any additional part payments MUST be agreed with us, within 48 hours of your profile going live. Otherwise our standard terms of repayment will apply.
Please contact our sales department for a specific quote and repayment schedule based on the circumstances of your particular sponsorship. Email: sales@everythingforchristians.com

We Act as Technology Providers ONLY - The Person or Organisation is Fully Responsible for the Advertised Project or Event
The project or sponsorship event organiser is totally responsible for the donations received or committed to. They are responsible for complying with all aspects of the law, health and safety or otherwise and for the performance and fulfilment of the advertised project or event. If the project or event is cancelled for any reason, all refunds will be processed directly by and from the project or event organiser. The project or event organiser is also fully responsible for ensuring any clients are made aware of any changes of or to the project or event.
We act only as a technology provider administering the software to enable sponsorship.