Why Advertise With Us?

Remember: No Other Christian Site Gives You '
Your Own WEB PAGE' within your Profile. It is 'Fully Customisable' and You can change it '24/7 at No Extra Cost'. You Will 
Be Seen Online as soon as you have checked out or called us!

Christians don't know about you, even in your own church or local area!

How often do you hear?    “ I didn’t know that was on...”     “Oh, I didn’t know you are a …”     “Oh, I didn’t know you did that…”     “Oh, I didn’t know you were local…”     “I didn’t know there was a ... there”          "If only I had known that before..."     "that's a shame, I could have..."     "I didn't know there was a good church there..."

Now they can! We make it EASY for Christians to find you or your service. There is an option for you to put the name of the church you go to on your profile advert, it's not obligatory, but it does make it easy for anyone in your church to find out about you and the service you provide, this is especially important if you belong to a very large church or organisation. 

You can be seen live online within just a few minutes of checking out or telephoning us!  How to Advertise with us >>

Christians Prefer and Like to Deal With Other Christians - that means You!

Christians are generally, very honest and loyal people. Our own belief and research has shown us that Christians would prefer to trade with other Christians wherever possible. They would like to place their business with Christians, Christian Businesses and Christian Service providers, so that they can be blessed and supported.

Christians are LOOKING FOR INSPIRATION - We are an E-Zine Style Website - Not a boring online Directory!

Our users are browsing our site for 'inspiration' similar to picking up a magazine and flicking through the pages. You can INSPIRE our users and create awareness of yourself - create the desire for who or what you are! No other Christian site enables you or allows you to do what we do!

What’s in a Name? – Everything!

The name of a business is very important, it should be instantly recognisable, memorable and say what it does. Everything for Christians does that!

Why is this important to you? Because we have a great name and it does what it says, Our site WILL ATTRACT more visitors than any other similar Christian site. Our site has more categories and is unique in how it works, for example, no other site gives you, your own webpage within your profile and allows you to create it yourself, with free amendments 24/7

Many other Christian sites are spin offs from their main purpose or business and have unsuitable business or trading names. They often feature just 1 category or they lump everything together, making it difficult to find what you are looking for. Also, because it’s not their core business, they are not really bothered in making it work for you, it goes without saying that we are dedicated to you!

Because our name says it all, we will soon be the number 1 source of information and trading place for Christians. This is Great News for you, as we will be sending more visitors to you than anyone else!

Christians need to stick together and support each other - Christianity is being marginalised

Other cultures stick together, so why not Christians?  Due to the discrimination laws, advertising specifically for a Christian or Christian things is not possible in many cases, so how do you find Christians if you can’t advertise for one? It’s easy with us, we are unashamedly FOR Christians and everything to do with Christians, so by the very nature of our site, we ATTRACT Christians and you CAN FIND Christians and their services on our site. This does not break the law or discriminate against others, but you will be able to fulfil your Christian wishes and preferences with us.

So by 'keeping it within the family' Christians will be blessed more, which in turn, means they can bless others more! The circle of blessing gets bigger and bigger.

We make it easy for Christians to find You!

Thousands of Christians are searching the internet and directories every day for Christian services and items, but they are finding them hard to find. Search engines, like Google and Yahoo, return millions of results, based on the keyword search, Christians. This makes it almost impossible for you to find what you are looking for. That's where we come in...

We make it easy for everyone that is looking for anything and everything Christian! So by advertising with us, you will get maximum exposure and as mentioned above, our trading name, will drive people to our site and your advert. The more successful we become, the more relevance we are to Christians, which in turn, makes you more successful! No-one else is providing a 'one stop shop for Christians'.
Our own statistics show thousands of page views and visitors every week to our site and we have only just opened! It proves Christians are looking for you, so don't delay in getting your profiles and banners, the longer you wait the more you miss out.

We are serious about 'Bringing Christians Together' 

We have stepped out in total faith and invested a few hundred thousand £’s, literally, everything we own, to make this site for you. That’s how serious we are in bringing Christians together. 

We would love your support today and we can’t wait to see Christians being blessed in so many ways.
Please feel free to email or call us for any further information. We would love to see your profiles on our site.

Employees Can and are advised to advertise with us

Employees of any type and size of company or organisation, Christian or Non Christian can advertise with us. Christians and other like minded people would prefer to Work or Trade with a Christian. Remember, It's YOU personally they are dealing with and trust to give them Good Honest Advice. Get that bonus! as this will show your bosses what a diligent, hard working and successful employee you are! All you have to do is select the appropriate level of authority on the Christian Status field to start attracting more and better business for yourself and your organisation.

P.S. The More you tell others about the site the better it becomes for EVERYONE

To see how it all works and what you get from us, click the HOW to Advertise with us advert below >>