Why Buy, Sell & Trade with Christians?

A Christian by definition, Should be Honest!

Therefore, buying and selling with us should prove to be more beneficial because our sellers and buyers should behave as God expects them too! This means that they should describe themselves, their organisation or their items for sale honestly and accurately. If you find anyone that is not adhering to this principle, then please let us know and we will remove their advert profile.*

Christians Tithe and Give Gifts

Christians tithe and give gifts from their income or profits, so when Christians are blessed financially, they can give more to God's work. The circle of blessing and the ability to do God's work only gets greater! Non Christians and Non Christian businesses, often keep the money for themselves.

The Bible Says we should! - We should take every opportunity to Encourage and Bless other Christians  

There are many ways to support and encourage Christians using our site. The bible also tells us to support each other...
Galations 6 v 10  "So when we can do good to everyone, let us do it. Let us make a special point of doing good to those who belong to the family of believers (Christians)"  NIV version

"Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught." J.C. Watts 
I wonder whether, if you asked 100 young adults to define "integrity" how many could do it. Not many people today even discuss integrity or know if it matters in their lives...    read the article now >>

It's nice to know your items go to Christians

Wouldn't it be nice to know that your items could go to another Christian or good home! We have lots of Christians looking for new or used items, so why not bless other Christians by advertising your items with us.

Employees Can and are advised to advertise with us

Employees of any type and size of company or organisation, Christian or Non Christian can advertise with us. Christians and other like minded people would prefer to Work or Trade with a Christian. Remember, It's YOU personally they are dealing with and trust to give them Good Honest Advice. Get that bonus! as this will show your bosses what a diligent, hard working and successful employee you are! All you have to do is select the appropriate level of authority on the Christian Status field to start attracting more and better business for yourself and your organisation.

Sales Tip - People Buy People First - Christians by nature should be likeable and trustworthy!

If people don't like You they won't buy anything from you. People would sooner deal with someone they like and trust. Christians by nature should be likeable and trustworthy.


Please Note: The law revolves around 'Caveat Emptor' Buyer Beware! Always check the authenticity of the seller and the item being sold before parting with any money or entering in to a contract. Always get references and a written quote/contract before appointing businesses or hiring tradesmen, especially before leaving them unsupervised in your home or property.

* If, by any chance, you feel that you have been let down by a Christian tradesman or have found them untrustworthy, please email the details to us at sales@everythingforchristians.com and we will remove their adverts from our system. Everything For Christians will not be responsible for any work carried out or contracts entered in to by anyone advertising on our site.

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